Reflexology Level 3

Fertility and Pregnancy

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific points on the feet and hands to influence the health of corresponding body parts.

Our  Fertility and Maternity Reflexology Training course aims to provide Reflexologists and pregnancy and birth professionals with the necessary tools to apply Reflexology in all the stages of maternity: fertility, preconception, pregnancy and childbirth.

This course aims to help you expand your skills understanding and practising  Reflexology as a safe therapy from preconception until birth. 

The course is designed to give you an insight into female and male fertility issues identifying some causes of miscarriage in pregnancy.


You will be taught how to use holistic Reflexology to help the following


  • Achieve and support a viable pregnancy.

  • How to use Reflexology to help stimulate ovulation

  • Reduce pregnancy-associated problems and help bring about a natural labour. This practical element of the course will show you a range of powerful Reflexology techniques which have had successful results.

Our Pregnancy Reflexology courses are about empowering you and your client through the knowledge and skills you will learn.


We will address the issues of creating healthy sperm and ova through balanced nutrition and by focusing on eliminating environmental toxins and minimising the risks on the body. The course will look at body ecology and how to best create optimum body ecology to achieve a healthy pregnancy. You will also learn about certain foods that will increase chances of a viable pregnancy.

The course helps you to think holistically and creatively and gives you the information to help your client make educated lifestyle choices for herself.


This course also covers how to prepare and help your client with safe natural conception, assisting the body  and beyond, how and why to apply Reflexology in real time helping to create and develop a positive onset of labour, and how to use Reflexology during pregnancy to prevent conditions in the post-partum period.


This advanced training program aims to provide Reflexologists and Professionals with the opportunity to extend their expertise in this field and the training consist of three parts:

  • Reflexology in Pre Conception and preparation for Pregnancy

  • Reflexology for Sub Fertility

  • Reflexology in Pregnancy and the preparation of Birth

Duration: 1 day

Price: £195

Entry Requirement: Reflexology 

Diploma: LB Training Academy Diploma in Reflexology in Pre-conceptual, Pregnancy and Postnatal Care