reflexology course cheltenham

Reflexology Level 1


Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific points on the feet and hands to influence the health of corresponding body parts.


Stimulate these points stimulates the sensors and waves of relaxation through the body.


Reflexology is used to aid health and well being, prevent diseases, promote relaxation, a reduction in pain and to improve general health.               


Our Reflexology Courses will be broken down into various modules.


Level 1 will be for beginners with no previous knowledge of Reflexology.


Level 2 will take you into advanced Reflexology moves plus hand reflexology.  


We will also have two add on modules in maternity and fertility reflexology and spinal reflexology.


You must be trained in Level 1 before moving on to the other stages.  If you are already qualified, please us the contact us page for more information about attending our advanced modules. 

Reflexology Level 1


Course Content 

History of Reflexology 
What is Reflexology 

Structure of the foot

How to carry out full consultation

Divisions of feet and areas of the body 

How to set up for the treatment
Basic Reflexology techniques 
Relaxation techniques 
Reflexology procedure 

Contractions  to Reflexology 

Aftercare and Advice

Duration: 2 days (One month apart)

Price: £300

Entry Requirement: None

Study : Home Study and Case Studies *

Diploma: LB Training Academy Diploma in Reflexology Level 1  


*Please note that home study is required with this course.  You will have a manual covering anatomy and physiology which needs to be studied. You will also receive recommendations on additional books and reading which is recommended to be read before and during your training.


Case studies will be required to be carried out between the two dates.  We want to you get the most out of your training and feel confident in your new skill, so homework is required.


You will receive full aftercare and support by your tutor.