Seated Acupressure Massage

Acupressure massage is performed with the client fully dressed and sitting in a lightweight chair.  Treatment can be from just a few minutes to half an hour or more depending on the situation and the client. This is a very versatile and effective massage skill and can open up many opportunities for you such as on site office work, festivals, gyms, events and sports events.

On-site massage (seated acupressure) combines techniques taken from shiatsu (acupressure), Swedish & Advanced massage. The result is a unique massage experience that can be both invigorating and energising and thoroughly relaxing both mentally and physically. You will learn techniques to relax and soothe your client yet refresh them ready for their day.

On Site massage is performed with the client fully clothed using a massage chair – the perfect therapy for sports, festivals and corporate work.

Course Content:

•    The History and Origins of On Site  Massage
•    Choosing suitable massage chairs
•    On site (seated acupressure) massage techniques 
•    Acupressure points and their relevance
•    Benefits of On Site Massage, especially for stress relief
•    Contraindications 
•    After care advice 
•    Various routines 15, 30 and 45 minutes

Case Studies: Further practice will be required in the form of 6 case studies (6 separate individuals treated just once - divided into treatments for relaxation and invigoration).

Your trainer will be on hand to provide any support and answer questions during this time.

A comprehensive manual covering the contents of your course will be supplied for future reference.


Duration: One Day
Price: £195.00

Entry Requirement: Massage or Reflexology 

Diploma: LB Training Academy diploma in Acupressure Seated Massage